These Pokemon Go Players Saved 27 Abandoned Animals!

The Game may annoy some, but at least it's helping people do some good!

  1. 1

    Two kids were out on a sunny day,playing Pokemon Go in South Houston in a park when they spotted a strange cage. It was a hot day, so they thought they'd better take a look inside...

    The cage

  2. 2

    It's a good job that Sarah Perez and Matthew Teague decided to investigate, because inside the cage they found 20 Hamsters and 7 Mice, all suffering from heat exhaustion.

    Four of the little buddies all huddled up for safety!

  3. 3

    They did the only thing they could; they immediately took the animals home.

    Matthew moving the cage carefully

  4. 4

    The two Pokemon trainers got to work immediately, giving the animals fresh water, clean bedding, and fresh food. They even gave the little guys some new names!

    They're all so cute!

  5. 5

    Matthew and Sarah acted so fast that all of the little buddies were saved! They're happy in their new home, and Matthew and Sarah are back to playing Pokemon!

    Not another Rattata!

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