These Modern Album Covers Reimagined Inside Classical Paintings Are Perfect

Taylor Swift looks strangely spot-on as a Victorian princess.

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    Eisen Bernardo is a Bored Panda user and a Tumblr blog aficionado. He recently saw a lot of success with his "Mag+Art" project that involved combining magazine covers with famous art works. He is back at it again with his latest album cover project.

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    "I took the chance to make a series of digital collages featuring the studio album covers of some popular singers today", says Eisen.

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    The eye he has is incredible, but to him this sort of thing is easy.

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    He says the two are the same. "I think (the principles of) photography is the same as classical painting. Portraiture using cameras adopted the same set of rules and techniques in painting."

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    We thought it was genius and wanted to share it with you all.

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    You can read the official story on Bored Panda here:

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    You can check out the official Instagram for the project here:

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