These Adorable Grandmas Were The World's Oldest Flowergirls For Their Grandkids' Wedding

Flower girls are usually a little younger than these two, but these grandmas are definitely just as cute!

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    When Joyce, 75, and Drue, 74, were asked to be flower girls in their grandkids' wedding, they immediately accepted the offer with smiles! And looking at this picture of the two of them, we're smiling, too!

  2. 2

    The bride and groom wanted their grandparents to be very involved in the wedding.

  3. 3

    The idea came from Maggie, the bride, who wanted both of her grandparents in the ceremony after losing her dad to colon cancer in 2013.

  4. 4

    Her grandfather, Ronald, walked her down the aisle.

  5. 5

    And her grandmother, Joyce, and grandmother-in-law, Drue, tossed flowers as they walked down the aisle in front of her.

  6. 6

    Later, her grandparents danced at the reception.

  7. 7

    Maggie said of her decision: "I’m sure that my father was looking down, smiling and laughing, at his mother throwing flower petals, with his father and me following from behind."

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