These 100 Year Old Vintage Postcards Capture The Timeless Beauty Of Women

They are like little time capsules from each corner of the world.

  1. 1

    PostMan is a flickr user and an avid photo collector. He recently posted a series of vintage postcards that were nothing short of exceptional.

    Luzon Woman From The Philippines

  2. 2

    Each postcard captures what was thought of as beauty at the time. It got us thinking and we wanted to share it with you.

    Japan Female Warrior

  3. 3

    Gypsy Girl With Mandolin

  4. 4

    Anna May Wong

  5. 5

    Lily Elsie, English Actress And Singer

  6. 6

    Anna Pavlovna

  7. 7

    Berberian Girl

  8. 8

    Nepaly Woman

  9. 9

    Agnes Ayres

  10. 10

    Carolina “la Belle” Otéro

  11. 11

    You can check out PostMan's flickr page here:

    Miss Valli Valli

  12. 12

    You can check out the original article where we discovered the story here:

    Unknown Tonkin Lady With Big Hat

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