The WORST Foods For Your Skin!

Have you ever woken up in the morning and wondered why your skin looks bad or your under eyes look puffy? Here's the reasons why. Find out what the worst foods for your skin are!

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    If you wake up in the morning and your under eyes are a little puffy then it's due to having too much salt if you have too much salt in your diet then your body started to retain water and it can make you look and feel puffy all over.

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    Crab, Prawn and Lobster contain a lot of iodine. Things like Spinach and Seaweed do too. And it have been proven to cause acne in some people. However, eating these foods doesn't mean you will breakout in spots the next day, but just be wary of how much iodine you are getting in your diet.

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    High Glycemic Foods

    Foods like white bread, pasta and cakes have been known to cause rapid spikes in peoples blood pressure and it has been proven that eating a low glycemic diet can reduce the chances of getting acne.

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    High blood sugar can affect your skin tissue by weakening it like collagen. This will leave you more vulnerable to bad skin and wrinkles.

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    Alcohol is a natural diuretic, which means the more you drink the more your body will get dehydrated. Which will make your skin a lot drier as it gets rid of your natural moisture. Hello wrinkles.

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