The World's Saddest Polar Bear Is Dead, After Living Twenty Years In Captivity

Arturo was the only Polar Bear living in captivity in Argentina

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    Arturo the Polar Bear, famous for being one of the saddest animals in the world, has died.

    At least he isn't stuck in captivity any more.

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    Arturo spent his life in captivity. Originally born in the USA in 1985, he arrived in Medoza Zoo, Argentina in 1993.

    Arturo had no contact with other Polar Bears for the last four years of his life.

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    Arturo was the topic of a lot of discussion for animal lovers, many petitions gathered thousands of signatures asking for his release on the grounds that he was going mad. Many experts said that it was clear he was under an incredible amount of stress.

    Arturo in his old age.

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    Many reported seeing Arturo pacing back and forth in his concrete enclosure, and displaying his teeth in temperatures that would rise above 40C. His pool of water was only twenty inches deep, and care takes would throw ice blocks in it to try and keep it cool.

    Argentinean Veterinary's ruled that Arturo was not stressed, that his symptoms were a sign of old age.

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    Rest In Peace Arturo. We hope you're up there in Polar Bear heaven, swimming in an Ocean of ice cold water, hunting Seals to your hearts content.

    This is one Polar Bear that is definitely going to heaven.

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    What do you think about this? Should Mendoza Zoo have released Arturo? Have your say in the comments below!

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