The Top 10 Horror Movie Houses

When people need to choose where to live, they may want to use their best judgment and avoid any of these monsters of places. Enter at your own risk.

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    1428 Elm Street aka the Nightmare House - Springwood, IL.

    This legendary residence will give you nightmares, literally. Known for housing the Thompson's, the Walsh's and even Freddy Krueger himself in A NOES 3: Dream Warriors, 1428 Elm gave the series a home to stay in. As the franchise went on, it was hinted that the house was occupied by Freddy before his death, although there was no mention of this in the first movie, the only connection it had with Freddy was that Marge Thompson stored his razor blade glove in the basement boiler. In a deleted scene in Freddy's Dead, Maggie discovers Freddy's hidden room with his gloves and newspaper clippings hidden behind a wall, further indicating that 1428 Elm Street use to be his home. It could be speculated that the house was haunted, as every time someone moved in, they'd become a target by Freddy; Nancy saw her friends die; Freddy was going to use Jesse to enter the real world, and Lori brought Freddy back when she moved into the house. Although the story line moved away from this in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, as it marked the first movie that the victims didn't have a connection with the house; although it did appear in Kristen's nightmares frequently.

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    The Myers House - Haddonfield, IL.

    Where Michael Myers went on the night that he came home. In the original series, the Myers residence is the household of Donald, Edith, Judith and Michael Myers and Kara, Danny, John, Debra and Tim Strode. In the Autumn of 1978, after spending 15 years locked away in Smith's Grove Mental Hospital for murdering his sister in a psychotic rage, an adult Michael Myers returned to Haddonfield and briefly took up residence inside the derelict house. Tommy Doyle told Laurie that the old Myers house is haunted and that Lonnie Elamb told him that awful stuff happened there once. On Halloween 1989, Dr. Samuel Loomis uses Jamie Lloyd in an attempt to lure Michael Myers into a trap that he set up within the Myers house. Jamie also ran into the attic of the old Myers house where she found the dead body of Rachel Carruthers and the family dog, Max. The house was later sold to Morgan's brother, John Strode.

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    The Firefly Farmhouse aka The House of 1000 Corpses - Ruggsville, TX

    The homestead of the Firefly Family, this is where most torture takes place in House of 1000 Corpses and seen in the opening and finale of The Devil's Rejects. Residents include Grandpa Hugo, Earl, Gloria 'Mama', Rufus, Baby and Tiny Firefly, Otis B. Driftwood and Dr. Satan (S. Quentin Quale). The house consists of several floors including the basement, first floor, second floor and the attic. Also on the grounds of the farmhouse are shed buildings where additional pain is resident. The shed around back houses where capture cages are stored to with hold kidnapped victims. Beneath the house lays the catacombs where Dr. Satan create a master super-race bred from stock of the mentally ill.

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    Knowby's Cabin from The Evil Dead - Morristown, TN

    The cabin where it all started. The Cabin, and the Woods surrounding it, play host to the horrific events befalling Ash Williams and his girlfriend Linda, Ash's sister Cheryl, their friend Scotty, his girlfriend Shelly, Professor Knowby and his wife and daughter in The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II and Ash vs. Evil Dead. Scotty is the one who rented the abandoned Cabin in the original Evil Dead for a fun camping trip with his friends, only to find the tape recorder and the Book. When it's recited from, it unleashes the demons that took possession of his friends and eventually himself. The cabin makes appearances later in 2013's Evil Dead remake/quasi-sequel and Ash vs. The Evil Dead TV series.

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    Rose Red - Seattle, WA

    Rose Red was built in 1906 by wealthy oilman, named John Rimbauer, for his wife, Ellen. Rimbauer used much of his wealth to build the mansion, which was in the Tudor-Gothic style and situated on 40 acres of woodland in the heart of Seattle on the site of a Native American burial ground. The house was rumored to be cursed even as it was being constructed; three construction workers were killed on the site, and a construction foreman was murdered by a co-worker. Bizarre deaths and unresolved disappearances became more commonplace at the house throughout the years. One of John Rimbauer's friends died of a bee sting in the solarium, while his business partner whom Rimbauer had cheated out of his share of the oil company's profits hanged himself in front of Rimbauer's children in the parlour room of Rose Red. In the year 2001, Steven Rimbauer, the great grandson of John and Ellen Rimbauer, has inherited Rose Red and has been offered a substantial sum of money to have the house torn down and the site developed into condominiums. However, he is intrigued by the paranormal history of the house and has agreed to allow one more investigation of the mansion.

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    The Night of the Living Dead House - Evans City, PA

    The farmhouse, which has long since been demolished, stood near Evans City, PA on Route 68, about 25 miles north of Pittsburgh. During the zombie outbreak, characters Barbara, Ben, Harry Cooper, his wife Helen and daughter Karen, Tom and his girlfriend Judy, were all barricaded in the remote farmhouse trying to survive the night. The house’s cellar, where we see Karen eating Mrs. Cooper, was actually filmed in the basement of production company Latent Image, then on Carson Street, on Pittsburgh's South Side.

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    Spenser Mansion - Raccoon City, Parts Unknown

    The Spencer Mansion, part of the Spencer family's real estate, was a manor built in the Arklay Mountains by architect George Trevor for the aristocrat Oswell E. Spencer. After finishing its construction, George and his family were invited there. Before the events of Resident Evil, the Umbrella Corporation began conducting experiments in a laboratory beneath the Mansion.During the T-Virus outbreak events around Raccoon City, the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) stumbled upon the mansion; which was now overrun with zombies and "monsters." It was later destroyed after the incident.

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    Poltergeist House - Orange County, CA

    "They're heeeere!" An eerie message from such an innocent voice brought so many bad omens for those who worked on the original Poltergeist film. The neighborhood depicted at the beginning of the film was located in Agoura Hills, a small town in Los Angeles County. Meanwhile, the house that is supposed to belong to the Freelings — the haunted family at the center of the original — was actually located in nearby Simi Valley. It's revealed late in the film, the unsettled souls that torment the Freelings belong to the bodies that were buried in a cemetery that the newly-built community had just displaced. While the Poltergeist exteriors were shot on location at the house, most of the film was made on the sound stages at MGM Studios in Culver City. After all, they couldn’t exactly destroy a perfectly nice home in the suburbs.

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    Murder House, American Horror Story - Season One - Los Angeles, CA

    The Murder House is a classic Los Angeles Victorian, built in 1922 by prominent surgeon Charles Montgomery for his wife Nora. The fixtures are Tiffany glass, and the house was restored to its original grandeur by Chad Warwick and his boyfriend, Patrick. The address of the house is given as "939 Berro Drive, LA 90068."Ben, Vivien and their daughter Violet Harmon face many conflicts going on in the house; the primary one stemming from Ben Harmon's adultery, and the subsequent fallout with his wife and daughter. The house seems to have a vivid history, ranging from brutal murders to demonic manifestations, and it seems to have its own agenda as it's had for decades with every family who has lived there.

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    House of Wax - Ambrose, LA

    Carly Jones, her brother Nick, her boyfriend Wade, her best friend Paige, Paige's boyfriend Blake and Nick's friend Dalton are on their way to a football game in Louisiana. After a night camping out, Wade discovers that his fan belt is broken. The group meets a strange, rural man named Lester, who offers to drive Carly and Wade to the nearby town of Ambrose to get a new fan belt, while the rest of them go to the football game. The two arrive at Ambrose, which is virtually a ghost town. Carly and Wade visit the wax museum, called the House of Wax, which itself is made of wax and is the central feature of the town. Come to realize that all of the town's inhabitants are real people covered in wax; Bo and Vincent have been luring people in and covering them in wax to make the figures look more realistic, taking over from their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair, who created the House of Wax and the figures within. Nick unintentionally sets the House of Wax on fire, and the wax figures start to melt as does the whole house. Carly and Nick escape as it diminishes.

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