The Permafrost Is Thawing And There's No Telling What Dangers Could Be Underneath

"Zombie Anthrax" has already been uncovered beneath the ice.

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    Recently, due to permafrost melting, an outbreak of "zombie" anthrax swept through a part of northern Siberia, killing thousands of reindeer, hospitalizing dozens of people and killing one child.

    The disease spread due to a bacteria found in the body of a long-deceased reindeer that was found under the melting ice.

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    The permafrost is melting at a record pace this summer, and it's causing some concern as to what else may be coming to the surface.

    Currently, the issue seems to mostly affect the reindeer population of the area.

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    The biggest worry for scientists is a potential return of smallpox.

    Many northern towns were ravaged by smallpox in the late 1800s and there is a danger of the burial grounds from these areas being uncovered.

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    There is even a fear of various chemical and physical wastes becoming exposed from an earlier nuclear-based military project.

    See the full video about the problem above. Have any thoughts? Share them in the comments below.

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