The Largest Viking Treasure Horde Ever Has Been Found!

Derek McLennan literally dug for treasure and found it!

  1. 1

    This is Derek McLennan; he's a real life Treasure Hunter! He found the largest Viking Treasure Horde ever discovered in the UK!

    I don't care what you do; Derek has a better job than you. Sorry bout it.

  2. 2

    McLennan found the treasure in an unidentified plot of Church of Scotland land, somewhere between Dumphries and Galloway.

    The Viking Cross

  3. 3

    He was so emotional when he called to tell his wife about the find, she initially thought he had been in a car accident!

    The cross, unearthed

  4. 4

    The find is one of a kind; it's the biggest amount of Viking treasure found in Britain ever, and it reveals a lot about the lives of Vikings in Galloway. McLennan is thrilled with his find.

    An engraved bird

  5. 5

    As for Derek, he's back out there looking for more treasure! Good luck Derek!

    A man and his trusty metal detector

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