The Fall: 5 Burning Questions We Have Before The Finale

With only one episode left this season there are a couple questions we're dying to have answered before the finale!

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    How come no one has been able to identify Spector sooner?

    It wasn't until DS Anderson and PC Ferrington went to London, to find evidence against Spector, that a former employer of Paul had been able to identify him as Peter Baldwin. I'm wondering why that didn't happen sooner? Surely the image of Spector and the story of “The Belfast Strangler“ and the shooting must have been all over the news? Even in London?

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    Why is everyone so interested in Stella's dream journal all of a sudden?

    Evidence or not, it feels pretty wrong to me! These are her personal thoughts and dreams and I just don't see why everyone, including Sean Healey and Dr. Larsson would be interested in it. Yes, Spector has read it and I don't even want to think about how that might make Stella feel. Yes, he has left an entry but I don't see how that would give everyone the right to go through her personal thoughts. Take out the entry Spector has made and stay the hell away from the rest because it feels awfully wrong and unfair.

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    What exactly is Jim Burns role in this?

    As I said he his appearances have been quite rare recently and he has done a marvelous job staying out of the mess but what bothers most is the fact that he's somehow connected to this, knowing a little more than he initially admitted. How come he only remembered these crucial pieces of information now and hadn't been able to remember this the moment they identified Spector as Peter Baldwin? That seems somewhat suspicious. And why didn't he call Stella, the woman in charge, with these information? Something tells me that this is not the whole story!

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    Why has Stella been so impassive?

    That has been bugging me a lot I simply cannot understand why this strong woman, after being so keen on having Spector convicted, is so impassive all of a sudden. Despite the fact that she hardly had any appearances, she appeared somewhat calm and distracted otherwise and it feels odd. I'm wondering what kind of claims Healey made against Stella, since they never revealed the nature of the accusations, and if her hands had been tied somehow? There was also the brief moment of hesitation shortly before the interview with Paul that threw me off a little.

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    How on earth will they wrap up this mess with only one episode left?

    Right now it simply feels like we're miles away from any kind of closure, but maybe that's just because I'm not ready to say goodbye Stella. There are so many things that appear as far away from closure as possible. What will happen to Spector now that he has been charged with at least one murder? What will happen to Sally Ann and the children? What about Burns' role in this? I'm also sure we haven't seen the last of Katie and her delusional thoughts and what the hell is going on with Stella? I'm a bit anxious with regard to the finale since Gillian already said that it will be 'particularly sad' and it is not quite what we [or Stella for that matter] would expect and, this is probably the most important bit, that we're heading for an open-ending. I admit I sometimes these kind of things and the uncertainty they bring but this time it makes a little excited. It gives us a possibility for a fourth season at some point in the future. Something that neither Gillian nor writer Alan Cubitt is averse of!

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