The Fall: 3 Last Questions We Have After The Series Finale

We're not ready for this journey to be over...

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    Why did Mark Bailey have to die?

    I had a feeling that something bad was about to happen sooner or later. Spector tried to bond with Mark somehow and approached him. Using him to distract everyone so he could sneak out and… do what? I had almost expected him to try to get out and harm Stella even more, at this point I’d considered him capable of nearly anything. And why on earth was he prancing around without any safety precautions or handcuffs after brutally attacking a police officer?
Anyway he hides in Mark Bailey’s cell, waits until they look the trouble-maker up and sneaks up on him to strangle the guy. I’m still wondering what I had missed at this point? Truth be told his death was more of a surprise than Paul’s suicide. The only explanation I had was Spector perverted need for attention and power. One last slap in Stella’s face, proving that he could still do what he done so many times no matter how hard she tried to have him locked up and punished. It simply depicted one last display of power, proving that he was still in charge although his game had already been lost. He knew that and all there was left for him to do was take away what Stella wanted most: Have him convicted for the crimes he had committed. 

As I said his own suicide didn’t come as surprise and there were moments in these last episode were I found myself pitying Spector to some extent. Almost. As charming as this man seemed to be (and this has absolutely nothing to do with the wonderful Jamie Dornan), and this is exactly what made him so dangerous we should never forget that we’re talking about a serial killer who sexually abused his victims and killed them. This was one thing that made The Fall almost brave for putting it that way but there’s not the slightest trace of empathy left for this man and I think we could do very well without him (although I will miss Jamie, but I heard Mr. Grey is bound to be back soon…).

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    2. What happened to Sally Ann?

    I believe the last time we’ve seen her was after she tried to commit suicide, and take her kids with her. She was in a hospital bed, refusing and pretty unresponsive. No one has wasted any words on her after that and she simply faded into the background. Lining up with all those other innocents harmed and affected by Paul Spector. I felt really sorry for her, she shouldn’t have been put through all of this. I can’t even imagine what must have been going through that poor woman’s head to believe that there was no other way out, no other solution than killing herself and her children. No one deserved that just as she didn’t deserve to be brushed aside like this. As for her children we have seen the boy once and Olivia who has certainly been old enough to know exactly what had been going on. I sincerely hope they will get a chance to grow up peacefully and make it through this horrible time. As for Katie, who couldn’t stand in the beginning, I hope she will find peace. That poor girl, as much as anyone else, didn’t deserve to be going through such troubles. Whatever her reasons may have been, I hope she’ll find peace and solace in the words Stella had for her.

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    3. Will Stella keep her job?

    I wondered about this. After the ordeal they had been put through and the complaints filled by various people, and a prime suspect who didn’t only evade justice by committing suicide and take yet another person with him, I wonder if Stella will keep her job upon her return to London. It’s not just that but also the idea of how the whole case will affect her personal life and her professional career, if it will have any consequences at all. We know that she kept the note, she found in front of the hospital. Does she know that Paul dropped it? Why keep it? As a reminder of this case that had gone so awfully wrong? I liked seeing Stella in her own, her own four walls for once. Seeing sitting in the kitchen, opening mail seemed like such a normal thing to and yet it was somehow soothing. It gave me a tiny bit of hope. Hope for what? I’m not so sure but it didn’t feel final. There’s nothing final about but merely a moment of pausing, taking a deep breath once the initial chaos had dissipated. I would love to see Stella Gibson again. I could get used to the idea of a fourth season that focusses on Stella and her life because I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface of her character. Bring her back to Belfast for a fourth season? Not sure about that, I’d be fine with keeping her in London as long as they find a way to throw Danielle Ferrington in, I’d definitely appreciate seeing more of Niamh McGrady in the future.

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