The British Are Building A Hedgehog Super Highway Because They're British

It'll be complete with rest stops and hedgehog gas stations! (feeding bowls)

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    Gary Snyder discover two hedgehogs mating in his back garden one day. He realized quickly that his back garden was a popular hedgehog hangout, but that his sturdy fence was trapping them there and forcing them out onto the road. So, he made holes in his garden fence for them to escape, and convinced his neighbors to do the same.

    Gary also puts out water and a little food for them.

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    The Hedgehog population in Britain has declined about thirty percent in the last ten years, so the British Hedgehog Preservation Society are encouraging everyone around the country to do the same. Just a few inches can allow Hedgehogs safe passage through gardens as if they didn't exist.

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    The best thing about hedgehogs is that they're unafraid of humans and not aggressive to other creatures. They just roll along trying to find other hedgehogs to hang out with. I think we can all support that.

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