The ASPCA Just Rescued 41 Dogs From A Dog Rescue In Madison, Tennessee

My question is, would my wife leave me if I brought 41 dogs home? ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!

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    The ASPCA just rescued forty one dogs from a dog rescue in Madison, TN.

    ASPCA workers taking care of the dogs

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    Happy Endings Animal Rescue, a self described 'no kill' shelter, has been closed down after 19 years of operation in the Madison area. The owner has been arrested, and is being prosecuted on animal cruelty charges.

    Dogs of all shapes and sizes were rescued, all suffering from conditions as a result of their neglect

  3. 3

    The raid comes after numerous complaints were made, and the dogs were living in dire conditions. In the house alone twenty two dogs lived in one room with the floor covered in feces

    ASPCA workers were shocked with what they found

  4. 4

    Some dogs had no access to water, many were suffering from unchecked medical issues, still more had not be spayed or neutered.

    The pups getting a good cuddle

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    The rescued dogs are being taken to a nearby shelter to receive medical treatment and be cleaned up. Hopefully they'll all recover nicely and be up for adoption soon!

    Don't worry buddy, you're in safe hands now! To help these pups out, you can donate to the ASPCA here!

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