The 17 Best Tweets From The #KimExposedTaylorParty

The internet is going crazy over Kim Kardashian exposing Taylor Swift's permission for Kanye to use her material in one of his songs. Here are the 17 best reactions so far from the #KimExposedTaylorParty

  1. 1

    This Pokemon GO interpretation of recent events:

  2. 2

    These magnificent words of wisdom from Adele:

  3. 3

    This accurate visual representation of the shit going down:

  4. 4

    And this one:

  5. 5

    This special place where women don't help other women:

  6. 6

    A classical representation of today's party:

  7. 7

    And a modern one...

  8. 8

    This comment on a disease Taylor may or may not have:

  9. 9

    This emoji that says 1000 words...

  10. 10

    Taylor's newly edited wikipedia page:

  11. 11

    Happy World Snake Day, everyone!

  12. 12

    This plea for help...

  13. 13

    This succinct summary of Taylor's history with other celebs:

  14. 14

    Kim Kardashian West would also like to wish everyone a Happy Snake Day.

  15. 15

    This gem of a reaction:

  16. 16

    This refreshingly honest reaction:

  17. 17

    And finally, this tweet, which is also all of us:

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