The 10 Emotional Stages Of Binge Watching A Show

We've all been there

  1. 1

    Stage 1: Interest

    You've heard it's a good show but don't really know what to expect

  2. 2

    Stage 2: Immersion

    You started the show and absolutely love it. You're hooked!

  3. 3

    Stage 3: Captivation

    You spend all your free time watching it. It's the only thing that makes you happy

  4. 4

    Stage 4: Defeat

    Just when you've committed yourself to it, the show betrays you and your favorite character dies

  5. 5

    Stage 5: Investment

    No matter the terrible and unfair things that occurred, you can't stop yourself from watching

  6. 6

    Stage 6: Atonement

    Something wonderful happens in the show and you feel complete again

  7. 7

    Stage 7: Fixation

    The show is all you can talk about. It's completely taken over your life

  8. 8

    Stage 8: Uneasiness

    The thought of the show approaching its final episodes keeps you up at night

  9. 9

    Stage 9: Rock Bottom

    The show is over and you have no idea what to do with yourself

  10. 10

    Stage 10: Recovery

    You've finally recovered and are ready to move on...and start a new show

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