Ten Reasons Star Wars Fans Are The Best

May the fandom be with you.

  1. 1

    Because The Force is always with them. ... Even at bed time.

    Find out how to make this AT-AT bed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLL9PFumLqw

  2. 2

    Because Star Wars-themed weddings are out of this world.

    Attention everyone. The bride and groom invite you to join them on the dance floor for their first lightsaber duel as a married couple.

  3. 3

    Because they get real creative with those posed fan photos.

    Step aside Skywalker Twins. This stylish fan (@Backawayslowly if you want to follow him on Twitter) has ushered in the Age of the Organa triplets. (Want to follow the dog on Twitter as well? Of course you do. @Gary_TheDog)

  4. 4

    Because they still react with shock and disbelief to this IMPORTANT THING.

    None of us knew, kid.

  5. 5

    Because they started a Twitter campaign and got J.J. Abrams to allow a terminally ill cancer patient to see The Force Awakens before the release date.

    Daniel Fleetwood died just a few days after getting a private, unedited screening, and more than a month from the official opening.

  6. 6

    Because they are very, very, VE-ERRRRY serious about Stormtrooper costumes.

    Now recruiting. The 501st wants YOU!

  7. 7

    Because they introduce their children to the movie with care and style.

    Today you are a Star Wars fan.

  8. 8

    Because they get a little emotional when a new trailer is released.

    Reach out with your feelings, young Star Wars fan.

  9. 9

    Because The Force is strong in the padawans.

    And hey, we're all padawans at heart.

  10. 10

    Because they disagree a lot!

    But they can all agree that Star Wars has the best fandom in the charted (and uncharted) galaxy.

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