Ten Edible Hearts For Valentine's Day

What better way to share your love then with heart-shaped gourmet treats - or LOVE BITES as we like to call them. For more heart-shaped inspiration to inspire your this Valentine's Day home-cooked meal be sure to follow Seduction Meals on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/seductionmeals/edible-hearts/

  1. 1

    Heartbeet Soup

    Hearts will flutter when you serve this Heartbeet Soup. You can get the recipe at Mowielicious.com #LoveBites

  2. 2

    Red Heart-Shaped Cookies

    One bite and you'll be swept off your feet! #LoveBites

  3. 3

    Pretty in Pink Meringue Hearts

    Melt in your mouth sweetness - a perfect end to your romantic meal for two. #LoveBites

  4. 4

    Sweetheart Citrus Salad

    Serve up this great fruit salad with cinnamon maple syrup - juicy, refreshing, and healthy! For the recipe visit TheCleanDish.com #LoveBites

  5. 5

    Mini Brown Sugar Hearts

    Sweeten Up a Morning Coffee with a Brown Sugar Heart! #LoveBites

  6. 6

    Heart Shaped Cake

    Will you be mine? #LoveBites

  7. 7

    Heart Shaped Sushi Roll

    Love, love me do. You know I love you.... #LoveBites

  8. 8

    Bailey's Chocolate Heart Cake

    Baileys chocolate cake kissed with heart shaped sugar topping - Love indeed! #LoveBites

  9. 9

    Gluten Free Sweet Potato Heart Biscuits (with Honey!)

    Luscious honey drips from this tempting heart shaped treat! For the recipe visit gluten-free-zen.com #LoveBites

  10. 10

    Toasting with a Message of Love

    Cheers! We hope you have a heartfelt, lovely Valentine's Day celebration - SedutionMeals.com #LoveBites

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