Suprising Degrees Some Of Your Favorite Celebrities Have Earned!

A list of college degrees you never would have though some of your Hollywood A-List and well-loved Actors and Celebrities who earned. Plus, you might be a bit shocked about where some made it through to get them. You wouldn't believe it!

  1. 1

    Chris O'Donnell-Marketing

    College: Boston College

  2. 2

    Ray Ramono- Accounting

    College: Queens College

  3. 3

    Jay Leno-Speech Therapy

    College: Emerson College

  4. 4

    Ashley Judd-French

    College: University of Kentucky

  5. 5

    What? Vinny-Political Science

    College: College of Staten Island

  6. 6

    James Franco-English

    College: UCLA (University of California)

  7. 7

    Jon Stewart-Psychology

    College: College of William and Mary

  8. 8

    Ron Jeremy- Music and Theater, Special Education

    Who would of thought? "Special Education"College: Queens College

  9. 9

    Lionel Richie-Economics

    College: Tuskegee Institute

  10. 10

    Hugh Heffner--Psychology

    No wonder he's got all those hot women in his house! He knows what's on their minds!College: University of Illinois

  11. 11

    David Spade-Business

    Wooh!College: University of Arizona

  12. 12

    Yes! Conan O'Brien- Bachelor's in American History and Literature

    And look where he got it from!College: Harvard University Okay,Mr. Late Show!

  13. 13

    Wanda Sykes-Marketing

    College: Hampton University

  14. 14

    Will Ferrell-Sports Broadcasting

    He always sounds like one except in this movie.College: University of Southern California

  15. 15

    Eva Longoria-Kinesiology(The Study of Movement)

    College: Texas A&M

  16. 16

    Michael Jordan-Geography Really?

    Where he got his skills of "Latitude"College: University of North Carolina

  17. 17

    Regis Philbin-Sociology

    College: University of Notre Dame

  18. 18

    Chris Martin -Greek and Latin

    College: University College London

  19. 19

    Montell Williams-Engineering

    College: U.S. Naval Academy

  20. 20

    Natalie Portman-Psychology

    Not just cute.College: Harvard University

  21. 21

    One Bonus: Mr.Borat-History "Sasha Baron Cohen"

    College: "Cambridge" UniversityCanada and Kazakhstan wouldn't believe that!

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