Stephen Colbert Took On Both National Conventions As Hunger Games Persona

Welcome to the Hungry For Power Games!

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    Stephen Colbert is nothing if not at home when political news abounds...and so is his alter-ego, Julius Flickerman.

    Julius is, of course, a relative of the Hunger Games announcer, Caesar Flickerman and has a deep love of drama of all kinds.

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    Colbert - or rather Flickerman - took the stage at the Republican National Convention last week along with his weasel.

    (No, that's not a typo. He has a weasel named Caligula.)

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    However, when he attempted to do the same at the Democratic National Convention...he wasn't quite as lucky.

    He (and the weasel) had run ins with many a security guard in his attempts to make it on stage.

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    Prepare yourself for a full seven minutes of adventure and attempts as Flickerman tries to accomplish his goal in Philadelphia.

    Personally, I vote Flickerman for the moderator for every political debate here on out.

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