Star Trek Beyond: Did you enjoy it?

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    The story started in a subdued, if comedic way, but with repercussions for the story later on. In parallels with the original Prime time line, both Kirk and Spock were both considering moving on from the Enterprise. After their mission Kirk and crew made their way to a new space station, Yorktown, which looked like a giant snow-globe. The docking at the Yorktown presented the viewers with a chance to see some crew interaction. Including the rather controversial Sulu partner scene and Spock and Uhura split. There was also a poignant moment when young Spock found out about Ambassador Spock’s death. The action is still slow at this point but starts to ramp up with an alien visitor asking for assistance on a planet beyond an asteroid field. Kirk volunteers the Enterprise as the only ship suitable to go on the mission. My heart rate really starts to climb as the Enterprise moves through and then exits the asteroid field, into the swarm trap. This was a great battle, really exciting, the destruction of the Enterprise ( as was needed to get to Enterprise A) was very good, as far as destroying an icon can go. There were a few other exciting parts to the story that got my heart racing, the race through the saucer section and the rescue of the remainder of the crew were two smaller peaks of excitement. Most of this section was standard Trek filler before the excitement starts to rise leading to the climax. My heartbeat once again started to climb as Kirk and co. tried to get the vintage USS Franklin flying and out of the atmosphere, it was a from here that my hear rate was really climbing. The battle outside the Yorktown was really adrenaline pumping and the use of the Beastie Boys track was great, classical music! The last 30 minutes was a standard Star Trek rollercoaster ending, with the clue to Krull’s past coming from the Franklin computer files. But knowing pretty much that Kirk would finally win, my heart rate did start to decrease. The film ended with the Crew meeting up to celebrate Kirk’s birthday. If you remember Spock was considering leaving Starfleet, in the last 10 minutes we had a fitting tribute to Leonard Nimoy and the Prime crew, this convinced Spock to stay with Starfleet and we leave the story with the introduction of NCC-1701A. This is also a bittersweet film, as it is the last performance of Anton Yelchin as Chekov. This is even more sad as he had a much larger part to play in this film and was a fantastic actor and a great young Chekov. It will be a sad fourth instalment without him.

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