Should Caster Semenya Be Allowed To Compete With Women?

The Olympic athlete has elevated levels of Testosterone, which, according to some, gives her an unfair advantage over other Female athletes

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    This is Caster Semenya. She's from South Africa. Here she is, winning the Women's 800 Meters at this year's Olympic Games. Semenya has had a long and storied Olympic career, but this year she caused quite a stir.

    Semenya, kicking some ass!

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    Many have accused Semenya of having an unfair advantage. Many have accused Semenya of being a man.

    Other athletes have claimed that Semenya's musculature and natural ability are suspect

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    Semenya has never publicly addressed these accusations, preferring to let her Olympic record speak for itself. Semeya was subject to gender testing in 2009 after she won the world championships. The results were conclusive; Semenya was in fact a woman, but she had elevated Testosterone levels.

    Semeya, mid competition

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    The results of these tests are meant to be private, but Semeya's results leaked. She has three times the amount of Testosterone as most other women. The discussion over wether this gives her an advantage still rages on, but Semeya was cleared to compete with Women in Rio.

    Semenya comforting other competitors

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    To be clear; Semenya is genetically a Woman; she just has a hormone imbalance. Men who compete in the Olympics do not have to undergo Testosterone testing, and it's unclear wether this hormone imbalance gives Caster any advantage. But her presence raises the question; should Intersex athletes be able to compete in the Olympic Games? And if so, in what category? What do YOU think about this? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don't forget to share with your friends!

    Congratulations to Caster on her Olympic Gold!

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