Shameless Ep. 7x04 Photo Recap - I Am A Storm!

Shameless airs on Showtime on Sunday nights at 9pm EST! Ep. 7x04 "I Am A Storm" was Emmy Rossum's Directing Debut and Written by Sheila Callaghan! If you haven't seen this show, beware of SPOILERS!

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    Shameless Ep. 7x04 - I Am A Storm! Commercial

    Frank (William H. Macy), worried that he and his new Gallagher clan are going to lose yet another shelter, devise a plan to change neighborhood perception through goodwill. Kevin (Steve Howey) and Veronica (Shanola Hampton) argue over what to do with Svetlana(Isidora Goreshter)’s newly arrived father, Yvon (guest star Pasha Lychnikoff). Svetlana gives Deb (Emma Kenney) some advice. Fiona (Emmy Rossum) takes a stand!

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    Frank Gallagher Opens Up a Homeless Shelter!

    Frank Gallagher opens up a Homeless Shelter, but it does not come without protest! The neighborhood is none too happy about Frank, the New Gallagher Clan and dozens of other homeless whom have moved next door! With them, they have seen drugs, sex acts and a man talking to a lamp post. Frank tries to reel his group in by making up some rules. Frank tries to save his shelter through a little neighborhood goodwill and sends his group out to clean not just their act up, but the grounds around their block.

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    Ian Meets A New Love Interest That Is More Than Meets The Eye...

    Ian (Cameron Monaghan) is a paramedic and has just broken up with his boyfriend because he was cheating on him with a woman. He was hurting quite a bit, so much so that his family and friends were worried that his meds were off and his schizophrenia was getting the best of him. With some time off and a clearer mind, he ran into Trevor (Elliot Fletcher). Ian was attracted to Trevor and was happy to be invited to a club! Things are not all as they appear as Trevor is transgender and Ian is thrown off at the thought that he is a girl. After an exchange of words, Trevor invited Ian to lunch with some friends from the LGBT community and Ian (as well as viewers) are learning that there are quite a few things to learn about.

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    Carl And Dominique's Father!

    I absolutely love this pairing! As we know Dominique broke Carl(Ethan Cutkosky)'s heart. What's the best revenge? Being best friends with Dominique's Father (Peter Macon)! In a way, he is the closest thing to a father figure he has ever had. He is truly taking Carl under his wing and even giving him good advice and Carl might go into military school.

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    The Thrupple Is Having Family Issues...

    The Thrupple is a "three-way couple". Kevin (Steve Howey) and Veronica (Shanola Hampton) are married with twin girls. Veronica and Svetlana (Isidora Goreshter) are married and she has a son, so it is like they have triplets. Kevin had an idea to have a topless maid business with his wives as the topless ones and an actual old lady to do the cleaning. He retrofitted the van to seat all the kids, so he could be the driver and manny. He soon found out that he could make more money by driving around wealthy neighborhoods and being paid to leave. The family also owns a bar where Frank often frequents. Kevin and Veronica are upset that Svetlana's Dad (Pasha Lychnikoff) is visiting from Russia as he sold his daughter into prostitution at age 10 and they are worried he has bad intentions towards their girls. When they were not sure where they went, they got scared and called the police. Later they found out that he took them to get a patriotic photo. Boy, did they feel silly and the scorn of Svetlana!

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    Svetlana Gives Debbie Some Advice...

    Deb (Emma Kenney) is frustrated as she is an unwed teenaged Mom and now her sister Fiona wants her to pay $375 a month to cover her part of the house. She is not sure what to do when Svetlana explains that she should become a kept woman. "Strong women weather storms, Be the storm!" Not exactly sure how to be a storm or how to find someone to keep her, but Deb tries to figure it out and it doesn't exactly work out as she would wish.

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    Fiona Plans A Speakeasy Party For Patsy’s Pies

    Fiona finds out who the true owner of Patsy’s Pies is and is fighting to keep it from being closed. She fires some of the old staff, hires new fresh faces and has new sexy uniforms. She gets an idea to stay open 24/7 and to serve alcohol, even though they don't have a permit. She plans a speakeasy party to drum up more business. Costumes, themes and a party vibe was a big hit!

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    Lip And Fiona Are At Odds, But Later Make Up!

    Fiona has given up over 10 years trying to hold the family together. She is done being a door mat and wants to have a plan for her own life. Lip has gone through rehab and now has an internship in a tech company. Even though it is an unpaid position, he feels he is going places and downs Fiona for her low status. This is very hurtful as she has sacrificed her own happiness to give her family a chance. She is done. Lip finds out that the tech company is not on the up and up and sneaks off with some Ipads just as the Feds arrive. He tries to make things better with Fiona by giving them to her for use in the restaurant. She is appreciative. She also looks around the party at each of her family and smiles as she sees that though it is not perfect, her family is hers and wouldn't want to give that up!

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    Emmy Rossum (Fiona) as Director

    Emmy Rossum as Director uses Lego's to set up the scenes before they are filmed.

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    Shameless Ep. 7x06 Commercial For Sunday, Oct. 30th At 9pm EST On Showtime

    Frank learns that a billionaire philanthropist has bought the homeless shelter and he and his clan can stay. Meanwhile, Fiona gets smart financial advice from a Tinder hookup as Ian struggles with his feelings for Trevor.

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