Residents Of Fukishima Return Home: These Beautiful Pictures Of The Ghost Town Will Astound You

What would you do if you're home became a Ghost Town?

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    Carlos Ayesta and Guillaume Bression are french photographers working on a project entitled "retracing our steps". They invited former residence of Fukushima nuclear disaster to join them in the no-go zone and revisit the ruins of their old lives.

    Midori Ito at an abandoned supermarket in Namie. Here, nothing has changed since the disaster.

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    They were encouraged to act as normally as possible, to treat this ruined spaces as if they were just the same as before.

    Rieko Matsumotoest at a laundromat in Namie.

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    It was an emotional experience for many of the subjects, who even though they lived in neighboring towns, had no idea just how badly their former home had be devastated.

    Kanoko Sato is in a gymnasium of a school in the Ukedo district, destroyed by the tsunami and left like this since the disaster. “If it was not for this project, I would never have seen this forbidden zone with my own eyes."

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    The Fukushima disaster is the biggest nuclear incident since Chernobyl. Even though much has been repaired since the incident in 2011, authorities are still struggling to contain the damage.

    An abandoned office building.

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    You can see more of these haunting and beautiful photos here:

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