Over $56 Million Worth Of Cocaine Has Been Found In A French Coca-Cola Factory

But don't worry. There's still no cocaine in Coca-Cola and never has been according to the company...

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    Coca-Cola factory workers in southern France discovered quite a surprise this weekend in a shipment of orange juice concentrate: 370 kilograms (815 lbs) of cocaine.

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    A spokesman for Coca-Cola has assured people that the employees had notified police, fully cooperated in the investigation, and were in no way connected to the $56 million cocaine shipment.

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    According to Coca-Cola's French regional president, Jean-Denis Malgras:

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    The shipment, which came from South America, is one of the largest amounts of cocaine to ever arrive on French soil.

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    Some people believe, however, that cocaine was an original ingredient in Coca-Cola, as the name Coca-Cola comes from the Coca leaves originally used in creating the beverage, and find the presence of cocaine in a Coca-Cola factory amusing if not suspicious.

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