Now You Can Really Be James Bond, With These Amazing Floating Houses!

No word on how ship-shape these houses are...what could go wrong?

  1. 1

    Gentrification is everywhere. It's even coming to the Ocean. Seriously!

    this all looks problem-free!

  2. 2

    No word on when or where these are being built, but these spec images suggest that it may be soon.

    This looks like maybe Miami? It would make sense for Miami.

  3. 3

    There is even a basement, that'll give you a beautiful view of the ocean! Because the ocean is always beautiful like this, and not full of terrifying creatures who could eat you, and definitely don't want you to move into their neighborhood!

    Seriously this looks like a scene out of "Finding Nemo".

  4. 4

    No info on how these houses will deal with things like large sharks, tsunamis, tidal waves, boats, swimmers, surfers, mega-sharks, and cruise liners. But again, this is a great idea, and nothing could possibly go wrong!

  5. 5

    So again, and officially - this is a GREAT idea!

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