Meet The Man With The Red Bandanna; The Unsung Hero Of 9/11

You don't know Welles Crowther, but he did some truly spectacular things that day

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    Welles Crowther was an ordinary guy, who worked a pretty ordinary job in the South Tower of the World Trade Center. What he did on 9/11 though, was anything but ordinary.

    Welles as an adult , and Welles as a kid with his lucky red bandanna

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    Welles body was found weeks after the attack, just inches away from being out of the South Tower on the bottom floor. His parents wondered; what stopped him? Why didn't he make it out? It turns out that Welles was distracted, helping others get to safety to save himself.

    Welles proud parents

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    Welles had saved five people from the flames and explosions when the Tower was hit. He carried a woman on his shoulders and lead others to the stairs, bringing them down to the ground floor and out, away from the madness. After making sure everyone was safe, Welles had gone back in to try and help others. He never made it back out.

    Welles poses with a member of the NYPD

  4. 4

    Several survivors have come forward, crediting Welles for their lives. He wore his lucky red bandanna. That's how they recognized him.

    Ling Young, a woman that Welles saved

  5. 5

    Welles' father found an FDNY application in Welles' apartment, dated just weeks before 9/11. He never handed it in, but had filled it out. Jeff, Welles dad handed it in to see if his son would have made the grade. The FDNY got back to him quickly; their answer? A unanimous yes. Thank you Welles. You will never be forgotten.

    R.I.P Welles Crowther

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