Male Elvish Names And Translations

Elvish names are becoming increasingly popular for babies. This list describes the meanings and characters behind several beautiful Elf names from LOTR.Elvish names list is here

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    Galadriel's husband. The name means 'silver tree'. Get more details at

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    The name means 'shipwright'. Cirdan built the ships which carried Elves—and later, Frodo and Bilbo--away from Middle-Earth. Get more details at

  3. 3


    A hero of Middle-Earth, Eärendil interceded for Elves and Men in order to save Middle-Earth. Eventually fated to travel the heavens with a Silmaril strapped to his brow, Eärendil became known as a star. The name means 'lover of the sea'. Get more details at

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    son of Elrond, twin brother to Elrohir. Translates roughly to 'Elf-man'.Tolkien translated the name as 'elf-knight' or 'elf-rider'. Get more details at

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    Son of Elrond, twin brother to Elladan. Tolkien translated the name as 'elf-knight' or 'elf-rider'. Get more details at

  6. 6


    Arwen's father, half-Elven and the ruler of Rivendell. The name means 'star-dome'. Get more details at

  7. 7


    One of the last Elves to leave Middle-Earth, encountered by Frodo and Sam in the Shire. 'Gildor' means 'noble star'. Get more details at

  8. 8


    Meaning 'Tall One', the name Haldir is given to two characters in Middle-Earth—an Elf who guides the Fellowship through Lothlórien, and a man who appears in Unfinished Tales. Get more details at

  9. 9


    Greenleaf'; one of the members of the Fellowship. Legolas is skilled with a bow and arrow. Get more details at

  10. 10


    An Elf of Rivendell who appreciated Bilbo's songs and rhymes. 'Lindir' roughly translates to 'fair [good] singer'. Get more details at

  11. 11


    Legolas' father. The precise translation of his name is unknown. Get more details at

  12. 12


    Steadfast one'--an Elf who appears in The Silmarillion. Get more details at

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