London Calling! And This Cute Pup Is Happy To Answer.

This four-legged tourist is having the time of his life.

  1. 1

    Meet Rupert.

    He's taking the Picadilly line to Leicester Square, to do a spot of holiday shopping.

  2. 2

    Rupert and his loving owner spend all of their time together in London.

    "I think we should get Nana that squeeaky toy I saw the other day. She'll love it."

  3. 3

    Rupert leads a pretty active life, be it playing catch near Tower Bridge...

  4. 4

    Or heading down to the local to meet up with his buddies.

    "I'll buy this round, but Mr. Spotty has got to get the next one."

  5. 5

    Rupert has adjusted to life in London quite well, and particullarly enjoys trips on the tube.

    Although he's not so keen when they get delayed.

  6. 6

    Rupert is a fixture at his local park

  7. 7

    But like any good Londoner, he enjoys roaming further afield, and taking in the city's best sights.

    "Where's this Ben then? The really big one?"

  8. 8

    He even has time for a little art and culture, on top of all of that walking.

  9. 9

    Time for a sit-down, after a long day. Good work, Rupert!

  10. 10

    You can check out more of Rupert around London here:

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