Leslie Jones Leaves Twitter After Harassment Tweet Storm

After an insane and hate-filled period of time, the Ghostbusters star signed off from the social media site.

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    There's been quite a bit of drama surrounding the new Ghostbusters film.

    Whether people think that women shouldn't be in the roles or are just opposed to the remake in general, there's been quite a bit of irritation on the internet.

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    Leslie Jones, who plays Patty, a subway worker, has been the target of a lot of the internet trolls.

    Over the past few days, Jones has been facing a tweet-storm filled with racist and sexist tweets, to the point where she has left the site.

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    Since Jones signed off, one of the main antagonists, Milo Yiannoppoulos has been "permanently suspended."

    He has been quoted having no regrets of the spat and people are unsure if the suspension will truly be permanent.

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    The tweets themselves held horrible language, racial slurs and some graphic images.

    So none of them will be posted here, but it is very sad that Jones would face this kind of abuse due to her involvement with Ghostbusters.

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    Since that, the hashtag #LoveForLeslieJ has been trending with celebrities and fans showing support for the comedian.

    If you do venture to the trolls' tweets, I'd recommend investigating the #LoveForLeslieJ tag to restore your faith in humanity.

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