Lacey Dunkin Fostered Four Children And They Changed Her Life In Ways She Couldn't Even Imagine

They may not be her biological children, but Lacey loves them just the same

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    Lacey Dunkin wanted kids, but marriage and a regular relationship seemed a long way off. So, at the tender age of 25, Lacey became a foster Mom. She had initially wanted to foster a little boy, but when a call came asking if she could foster four sisters, Lacey didn't hesitate. She said yes, and the sisters came home with her that very night

    Lacey and the sisters

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    Initially the kids were scared and shell shocked, but they quickly bonded deeply with Lacey who was so thrilled to have them in her home! In no time at all, the youngest was calling her "Mom". Four children were more that she had bargained for, but she hated the idea of splitting the girls up so much that she wouldn't dream of it!

    The new family out for a hike!

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    Lacey's parents soon got in on the act, and the family where happy. And then one day Lacey got a call. The children's biological mother had been granted custody, and the girls had to go. Lacey was heartbroken, but she kept the faith that the girls would end up where they were meant to be.

    The whole team!

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    Lacey was allowed to visit the girls, and visit she did! It soon became plain to the girls original mother that her daughters had formed an irrevocable bond with their foster mother. So she called Lacey and asked her to look after her children once again, but this time, permanently.

    Happy ladies!

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    It turned out that there were two more siblings in the sisterhood, and Lacey agreed to adopt them all! She figured that the difference between four and six wasn't that big-and she would do anything to make sure that all the sisters could stay together! They all lived happily ever after! The girls have a mother and Lacey has the family she's always dreamed of! Nice job, Lacey!

    Dunkin Girls kicking some ass!

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