In Other News, Lindsay Lohan Is Still Behaving Like...Lindsay Lohan

Proof that some things never actually change

  1. 1

    Lindsay Lohan decided to dress up like Sharon Tate, the actress who was murdered by Charles Manson, and then tweet a happy birthday to Manson, her killer.

    We're sure that Roman Polanski, the actresses husband, did NOT appreciate this post

  2. 2

    But, in true Lindsay Lohan fashion, that is not the strangest thing she's done today. A video appeared in British newspaper "The Sun" of Lohan raging against her fiance, Egor Tarabasov

    The couple in happier times

  3. 3

    Lohan accuses Tarabasov of trying to kill her. The fight got so loud that Police in London were called to the scene

    Signs of a skirmish at Lohan's house

  4. 4

    Lohan and Tarabasov were not at home when the Police arrived, but were both later found and appeared to be uninjured. Lohan exited the scene wearing a t-shirt with a cryptic E.E. Cummings quote, and her engagement ring

    She always did know how to make an exit

  5. 5

    Lohan later arrived at Heathrow without Tarabasov and boarded a flight back to the States. She is, apparently, still engaged. Lindsay Lohan; still Lindsay Lohan. We hope she's okay.

    Lohan at Heathrow

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