Ikea Is Issuing A Huge Recall After This Piece Of Furniture Killed Two Toddlers

The losses of these two young lives is truly a tragedy

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    This is a Malm Dresser. It's one of Ikea's greatest sellers, but recently it's been the cause of some scandal.

    I have definitely owned one of these at some point.

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    It turns out that the Malm dresser specifically can be a danger to toddlers and small children.

    It turns out that Malms tip quite easily.

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    Curren Collas was tragically killed when an un-anchored Malm fell on him. He was two years old.

    What a handsome chap he was

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    With three tragedies surrounding the Malm dresser, Ikea is not only issuing a recall of the dresser, but discontinuing the product entirely.

    R.I.P Ted.

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    According to the CSPC, a child dies every two weeks from a furniture related incident, but Ikea doesn't want to take any chances. To claim your refund or your anchoring kit, click here;www.IKEA-USA.com/recallchestsanddressers.

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