How to stay focused while studying (or working)

Because they called it stuDYING for a reason.From one college student to another

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    Get fresh air

    If you're the kind of person that can study outside, do it! If you're not, make sure you open your window every morning to get some fresh air. Even if it's cold outside. You'll notice the difference, believe me.

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    Wear what makes you feel good

    I'm the type of person who loves to wear joggings and wide shirts. The more comfortable the clothing the better I study. But that doesn't work for some people. Maybe you're the kind of person that likes to wear pretty clothes while studing. So I would say: try to figure out what works best for you. Wear whatever makes you feel good. And try a hairstyle that doesn't get in the way like a (fancy) ponytail or bun.

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    Take a break!

    You can't study all day long without a break. Even if you think you don't have the time to take a break, do it! After a few hours you just can't pick up new information, you get tired. Make a schedule that works for you. Like study for 2hrs and take a break of 20mins. During your break do whatever you want that clears your mind. Don't think about your work! Sing along with music, go outside,... it's up to you! Try to stay with your schedule, don't make your break much longer than you intended to.

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    Don't sit in your chair the whole day. No, working or studying isn't an excuse for that. Go for a walk during your break, dance, exercise,.... do something. Exercise is also very good to start or end your day with to clear your mind. It doesn't have to be a long work-out, just getting out of that chair is enough.

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    Get enough sleep

    That feeling that you just want to put your head on your desk and sleep, isn't there for no reason. Make sure you get enough sleep during the night and if you really can't stay awake, take a 20-minute nap. No it's not a shame, it WILL help! But set an alarm, 20 minutes is enough!

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    If you get bored easily and that's why you can't focus, make sure you get some variation in your work. Change subjects after a break or find another way to be productive. Instead of reading your notes or studybooks, take notes, make a mindmap, highlight, read it out loud,... . You will still be studying but you won't get bored that fast.

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    Study with a friend

    Sometimes it can help if you study together. Now don't get that one friend who makes jokes all the time and just can't seem to focus. It's fun but it won't help. Surround yourself with people who are focussed, it will really help you to do the same. And you have something to look forward to when you take a break.

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    Take a snack

    Studying while starving isn't the best idea. Eat enough and take yourself a snack while studying. I go for fruits and veggies. The vitamins won't hurt you! But cookies and candy will work too. Also make sure you drink enough. Make sure you have a bottle of water or something else to drink with you all the time.

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    If your desk is a mess it just won't work. Get rid of everything that doesn't belong there or you don't need for studying. I replace the photos above my desk with to-dolists and other school-related stuff. An organized desk is an organized brain and you just have less distraction around. You will thank me later.

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    No internet

    You probably heard it enough, and you probably also know it yourself. But still, you're here, on the internet... and so am I. We both know we shouldn't but we still end up here everytime. This is the hardest part I guess. Get rid of your Phone and computer. Put them in another room, or on silent mode. So get off here and go studying!

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