How To Create Your Own Perfect Christmas

It’s December!Oh, you already knew? Of course you did – but do you know what else it is?CHRISTMAS!And on that bombshell, team at Harry & Edge are absolutely buzzing. You may have noticed we were a bit overenthusiastic in our last blog and our spirit hasn’t exactly dampened since. Anyway, enough rambling – we thought it would great to provide a fun run down of some amazing DIY videos and tips to help you get the most out of your leisure time this Christmas.

  1. 1

    Mulled Wine Madness

    Divisive as it may be, making your own mulled wine is incredibly satisfying; especially if you actually enjoy drinking the stuff. Bored one afternoon and fancy getting merry? Get some mates over and see what happens.

  2. 2

    Make Your Own Christmas Crackers

    Let’s face it, most pre-packaged Christmas crackers are utter rubbish. How many years have you been subjected to the same recycled jokes and plastic tat? Follow this chaps’ advice and make your own. If you’ve got mates with the same puerile sense of humour then this can make for a hysterical collective activity. Instead of toys, why not just throw in joke junk you’ve got laying around the flat?

  3. 3

    Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

    “Aww, did you make that yourself?” Yes, Gran – I did. Yeah, show em’ your hidden talents.

  4. 4

    Save Your Christmas Pennies, You’ll Need Them

    Every year, hundreds of thousands – no, millions of people will enter the New Year with empty wallets and bloated stomachs. Don’t let it happen again in 2016.

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