Here's What The World Was Like The Last Time The Cubs Won The World Series

In short; it's been a loooooong time. You've got to see this.

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    1908: The last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

    In the early 1900s the Chicago Cubs were on a hot streak. They'd made it to the World Series in 1906, 1907 and 1908, becoming champions two of those times. Then they hit a BIG dry spell and after losing in 1945 they wouldn't return to the Series until this October. Seventy-one years is a long time to wait before getting a shot at the Commissioner's Trophy and needless to say, the world has changed at lot since the Cubs actually won the Series back in 1908. For example...

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    Cars looked like this.

    There are around 253 million cars on the roads of the United States today, but back in 1908 horse and buggy was still the primary mode of transportation. Only around 8,000 cars were in the U.S. and Ford's Model T cost around $825.

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    People made pennies on the hour.

    Today the average American worker makes around $24.57 per hour, but back in 1908 the average worker earned just 22 cents and hour. Child labor was also very common and kids made even less.

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    Fashion wasn't designed for comfort.

    Fashion wasn't about comfort in 1908, but almost entirely about style instead. Women still regularly wore corsets and large brimmed hats were common. Men typically wore suits and ties even in casual settings unless working in a factory or the fields.

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    Forget about air travel.

    Air travel was non-existent in 1908, as the Wright Brothers had just made their first historic flight five years earlier. The first commercial flight wouldn't occur until 1914 when a plane going from St. Petersburg to Tampa was piloted by Tony Jannus, and his one paying passenger.

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    Politics was still politics.

    There may not have been televised debates, Twitter smack talk or leaked emails, but politics was still a cutthroat game in the 1908 presidential election. Republican nominee Taft took the win, by the way.

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    Only the wealthy had telephones.

    Alexander Graham Bell was awarded the first U.S. patent of a telephone in 1876, but the gadget was still very much a rarity in 1908. In fact, only around 8% of homes in the U.S. had a telephone. They also looked nothing like today's phones, of course.

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    Movies didn't even have sound.

    CGI, Dolby digital sound, 3D effects, forget about that! Not only were movies in black and white, but they didn't have sound. Sound didn't make its way into motion pictures until almost 20 years later with The Jazz Singer in 1927.

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    Doctors with medical degrees were rare.

    Trust us, you did NOT want to get sick in 1908. It's estimated that 90% of practicing medical doctors didn't have a college education. Penicillin wasn't even around and wouldn't be until 1928 when discovered by Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming.

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    The Cubs weren't playing on Wrigley Field.

    Baseball was a bit different in 1908 than it is today. There were only 16 teams then, compared with 30 teams today and admission to a game cost only around 25 cents. The Cubs also wouldn't begin playing games on Wrigley field until 1916 when they played and beat the Cincinnati Reds on April 20th.

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