Here Is Why You Should Add Good Behavior To Your Watchlist

A new drama coming to TNT November 15th.

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    The Story

    Yes, it's a drama about a hit man and a con artist, but there is a lot more going on than just that. The story helps viewers see them in a different kind of form. We know what they are, but the way the story is told, we will also get to understand them. It's not all about a man trying to kill someone and a woman trying to save a life. It goes way down deep and personal, especially for Letty.

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    Michelle Dockery

    You may know her as Lady Mary Crawley in the ITV drama series Downton Abbey. She puts on an outstanding performance as Letty, and no matter how many wigs she may go through, there is no way this woman can look bad. I would love to see Michelle win an Emmy for this role. It would be very rewarding, especially since she has to get in the mind of a character that has a very dark story.

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    Juan Diego Botto

    UGH! Why must every "bad guy" be so damn good looking! Well, his character, Javier, may not be all that bad actually. I mean, sure, he is a hit man, but does that necessary make him a bad person? If you see him with Letty, you may see a very kind man underneath his job title. He may even care ... a little ... but at least he does care some right? But what's really awesome about Juan Diego Botto, this will mark his first ever American television role! Now that's exciting!!

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    Bonnie and Clyde

    Now, I'm not sure where this story is actually going, especially for Letty and Javier, but from the previews that we have already seen I think it's really easy to get a Bonnie and Clyde feel. You know that story right? Two criminals who traveled through the United States together, robbing and killing people. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I like it.

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    Comic Relief

    Let's face it, Good Behavior will be a dark story, but it's also a lot of fun to watch thanks to the witty lines some of our characters have. It's always great to have a few comic relief moments in a story that is serious. This writing team is amazing! A nice balance combined with the two.

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