Have You Met My Friend The Ground Squirrel? He's Adorable!

We've found your new favorite creature...YOU'RE WELCOME!

  1. 1

    This is a Ground Squirrel. They're from Europe. They're classy, and hilarious.

    "Come in Frank-can you hear me Frank? Frankie?!"

  2. 2

    These fantastic pictures by nature photographer Henrik Spranz, who is special best buds with the Ground Squirrel

    "Oh god oh god it's touching me IT'S GROSS!"

  3. 3

    Ground Squirrels are very serious about physical fitness. They have their own brand of Crossfit, a sample of which you can see below...

    Just kidding, but I bet you'd sign up for those classes!

  4. 4

    Ground Squirrels are also gifted conversationalists, and can cover a wide range of topics including, "which berries are best" and "oh no that dog is coming back-RUN!"

    I had a lovely talk with Peter here, before the dog showed up.

  5. 5

    Ground Squirrel Wives are known to be fearsome, and generally shouldn't be messed with, as this Ground Squirrel husband is learning...


  6. 6

    To see more adorable Ground Squirrel pictures, you can check Henrik's Instagram here!https://www.instagram.com/henrik_spranz/

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