Happy National Puppy Day! Have The MOST Adorable Puppies Ever!


  1. 1

    Today, March 23rd 2016, is International Puppy Day. To celebrate this sacred day, full of big paws and little noses, we've compiled this essential list of four-legged fluffy butts.

    This Newfie Puppy has many thoughts and feelings.

  2. 2

    This Keeshond Mix is only 20% dog-he's 80% fluff. It's tough, because sometimes he gets carried away in big gusts of wind sometimes.

    Look at those feetz!

  3. 3

    This Bull Dog puppy will pose-for treats. Please produce treats. You see this belly? This belly needs treats. Nao!

    And he is NOT messing around.

  4. 4

    This German Shepherd is all ready for his very first day at work!

    His ears are all floopy, but he's still business professional.

  5. 5

    This is Penny the Pitbull and she's all dressed up in an adorable headdress!

    Those eyes! That smile! THAT NOSE! DON'T YOU JUST WANNA BOOP IT?

  6. 6

    These Corgis are sleeping in full sausage formation, in case of a raid. This formation allows them to rest, and be protected by the cuteness of their floofy butts.

    The three lying on their bellies look like little Corgi bullets of adorable.

  7. 7

    "Mom. Mom. MOM. MOM. MOMMA. MOMMY. MOOOOM. MOOOOOOOOOOOO-""WHAT?!""....nothing."

  8. 8

    We can't confirm if this is a Puppy dog or a baby Polar Bear, but it's adorable so....


  9. 9

    Similarly this could be a puppy or a bear cub, but we're not purists here. If it's cure and fluffy, we post it.


  10. 10

    Well guys, making this list has been exhausting, so we're going to take a quick nap...Happy National Puppy Day!

    This would literally be the best pillow ever. There would be no other pillows that would compete.

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