Google Just Released A Fortune Teller Feature And The Results Will Shock You

This will be the most important thing you do on the internet today.

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    Google is set to blow your mind all over again with their newest feature, Google Fortunetelling.

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    It's unclear as of right now what impact such a powerful app will have, but we have a feeling it's going to be huge. Have google tell you YOUR future here: http://betagoogle.comGo ahead. We'll wait.

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    Did Google get you, too? Visiting their "beta" link for this so-called fortune teller prompts the text field to automatically fill in like so:

  4. 4

    This faux-search-engine quickly reveals itself to be much more than a cheap parlor trick - but not in a way that you'd expect. Google is using this "great, now I feel selfish" tactic to raise awareness for an amazing cause: worldwide refugees. The site then automatically switches to their plea:

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    Google has, thoughtfully, put forward numbers that reflect a globe-spanning amount of refugees from all corners of our planet - choosing not to focus solely on what is receiving mainstream media attention. The page even shows a real-time "refugee counter" as the viewer finishes up with the page, showing just how many more people become homeless and stranded every second of every day.

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    Do you feel duped? Or are you happy Google is raising awareness in such a cutting-edge way (even if it does make us all feel REAL selfish afterward)?

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