Game Of Thrones Filming Locations In Real Life

This infographic by travel agency Lawrence of Morocco reveals the true locations used in the hit HBO TV series Game of Thrones. The main headquarters is at Paint Hall studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where most of the interior sets are housed; the better part of location shooting also takes place in Northern Ireland, but many other European countries, and even Africa, have been used as well.

  1. 1

    #1 King's Landing: Dubrovnik, Croatia

  2. 2

    #2 Braavos: Sibenik, Croatia

  3. 3

    #3 Royal Palace Of Dorne: Real Alcázar Palace, Seville, Spain

  4. 4

    #4 The Road From King's Landing: Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

  5. 5

    #5 North Of Westeros: Thingvellir, Iceland

  6. 6

    #6 Long Bridge Of Volantis: The Roman Bridge, Cordoba, Spain

  7. 7

    #7 Pentos: Ouarzazate, Morocco

  8. 8

    #8 Winterfell: Doune Castle

  9. 9

    #9 Daenery's And Dragos Wedding: Azure Window, Malta

  10. 10

    #10 Meereen: Kliss Fortress, Croatia

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