Funny Interpretations Of Movie Titles Around The World

You can't even imagine how the movie titles you know are transformed in different countries! Check out these strange and funny misinterpretations of your favorites.

  1. 1

    Chinese Translation: United States Cheat Bureau

  2. 2

    Chinese Translation: One Night, Big Belly

  3. 3

    Italian Translation: If You Leave Me, I Delete You

  4. 4

    Japanese Translation: I'm Drunk And You're A Prostitute

  5. 5

    Japanese Translation: The Hole Of Malkovich

  6. 6

    Spanish Translation: Supercool

  7. 7

    German Translation: A Twin Seldom Comes Alone

  8. 8

    German Translation: Urban Neurotic

  9. 9

    Spanish Translation: Pigs And Diamonds

  10. 10

    Thai Translation: Odd Couple, Wacky Trip, Go Together In Time For Birth

  11. 11

    Portuguese Translation: Meetings And Failures In Meetings

  12. 12

    Chinese Translation: Six Naked Pigs

  13. 13

    Italian Translation: Please, Do Not Touch The Old Women

  14. 14

    Japanese Translation: 007 Dies Twice

  15. 15

    German Translation: Full Of The Nuts

  16. 16

    German Translation: My Partner With The Cold Snout

  17. 17

    Thai Translation: Super Speeding Cleaning Evil Accounts

  18. 18

    Chinese Translation: Excitement 1995

  19. 19

    Spanish Translation: The Super-tough Kangaroo

  20. 20

    Chinese Translation: I Will Marry A Prostitute To Save Money

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