Florida Baby Boy Born Without Parts Of Skull And Brain Celebrates 1st Birthday; Moves The World

Last year, Jaxon Buell, a baby boy from Florida was given just days to live when he was born missing most of his brain and skull.

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    Brittany and Brandon Buell, from Tavares, Florida, were told their son Jaxon had a rare brain malfunction called Microhydranencephaly.

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    Most babies born with this condition die soon after birth, as 1 in 4,859 babies in the U.S. born with the condition each year.

  3. 3

    Jaxon's inspirational story has captivated families across the U.S., with nearly 90,000 people 'liking' his page on Facebook and 18,000 people sharing his story.

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    A GoFundMe page was set up a year ago has raised over $54,000 with 1,181 donors offering their support. Jaxon is now one year old!

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    Jaxon was nicknamed Jax The Strong on social media and is truly an inspiration. The family also hopes Jaxon’s story will advance medical research — and help more families in the future.

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    Jax's parents just shared a video of the little guy saying hello and it is simply AMAZING!

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