Ever Wondered How Much It Costs To Stay In Britain's Iconic Buildings?

You'll be surprised...

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    Buckingham Palace

    If the Royal Family were to list the Queen's London residence on a letting site, the property could bag a whopping £1,040,000 per night! Which works out at roughly £10,000 per person per night for each room.

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    10 Downing Street

    The parliamentary house is a great party house and is able to host up to 60 dinner guests. It's valued at £62,000 per night to rent.

  3. 3

    Windsor Castle

    Windsor Castle's 225 bedrooms could net £5,000 per person per night or up to £2,250,000! Yikes!

  4. 4

    Beckingham Palace

    Victoria and David Beckham's former residence was big enough to rival Buckingham Palace itself! The seven bedroom mansion is valued at £8,000 per night, and would have a recording studio and a gym thrown in for the price.

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    Shakespeare's House

    According to expert estimation, Shakespeare's gaff would be a more affordable option at £500 a night.

  6. 6

    Brighton Pavilion

    The iconic building on Brighton's shores used to be the holiday home of George, Prince Of Wales, who became king in 1820. If you wanted to stay here it would set you back £14,000 a night!

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