Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: Best quotes from the second presidential debate

Here are some of the important quotes from the second debate of the US presidential election.

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    "He (Trump) lives in an alternative reality."

    Hillary Clinton after Donald Trump mentioned a number of things about tax cuts during the debate which made little to no sense. She said that since the Great Recession, the gains had all gone to the top and that they needed to reverse it.

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    "I didn't say that at all" | "Nobody has more respect for women than I do..." | "It's just words, folks. It's just words." | " I will knock the hell out of ISIS. We're going to defeat ISIS."

    This is Donald Trump's reaction after he was asked to explain the video tapes in which he was heard being derogatory towards women and talked about grabbing women's private parts without their consent. The Islamic State bit though? Even we don't get it.

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    "He owes the president an apology. He owes our country an apology."

    Hillary Clinton called out Donald Trump after he said that he apologises for his remarks in the tapes. Clinton was clearly having none of it and went on to explain how Trump has many other things to apologise for and he never does.

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    "She went over a minute over and you don’t stop her. I go a second over and you… it’s really very interesting."

    Donald Trump kept interrupting the moderators and complained about how they let Hillary Clinton take more time, but when it came to him, they were strict.

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    "My argument is not with his supporters, it’s with him… and the inciting of violence at his rallies… And the brutal kinds of comments about … all kinds of Americans."

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    "She’s all talk, it doesn’t get done."

    Donald Trump said this about Hillary Clinton, that she doesn't care about the different groups, classes and races of people in the US and that all she does is only talk with no real action.

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    "It's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law of our country."

    Hillary Clinton brought up Donald Trump's infamous temperament and threw him this zinger.

  8. 8

    "You'd be in jail if I were in charge of enforcing the law"

    Donald Trump said that once elected, he would make sure Hillary Clinton gets prosecuted for the e-mail scandal. "You'd be in jail!" was his response to Hillary's comment on Trump's temperament and it's good that he isn't running the law in the country.

  9. 9

    "This is who Donald Trump is. But it's not only women and it's not only this video that raises questions about his fitness to be our president."

    Hillary Clinton responded to the Donald Trump's tapes and spoke about how he has insulted women, rated women on their appearance, embarassed them on television and Twitter.

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    "Hillary brings up a point like that and talks about words that I said 11 years ago, I think it's disgraceful and I think she should be ashamed of herself"

    Donald Trump lashed out at Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton after he defended his statements in the video tape as "locker room talk". Trump said that "Bill Clinton was abusive to women" and "Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously."

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