Do You Want To Own A Rabbit The Size Of A Dog?

Because one is available, and looking for a home!

  1. 1

    This is Atlas. He is a bunny rabbit. A massive bunny rabbit.

  2. 2

    Atlas is already the size of a small dog, according to the Scottish Rescue Association. He's still young, and has growing left to do!

    Imagine how many carrots that bunny can eat!

  3. 3

    Atlas loves cuddles and people, and undivided attention.

    With those bunny ears he can probably hear a leaf fall a mile away

  4. 4

    The largest Continental Rabbit on record 4 feet 4 inches, and weighs 53 pounds. Atlas is closing in on that record, and fast.

  5. 5

    Most importantly, Atlas is up for adoption! He needs a special home because of his size, and you know, you'd need to get to Scotland, but can you imagine calling this sweetheart your own?!

    Think of the bunny themed parties you could throw!

  6. 6

    To send in your adoption applicaton for Atlas, see below!

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