Do You Believe? 11 Unexplained Photos of Real Ghosts

If you are not a believer - this list may change your mind...

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    Lord Combermere

    See that man sitting in the chair? There is a clear upper body and right arm, along with a head, but no more is discernible. That man is Lord Combermere, an English nobleman, and this picture was taken at the exact same time that his funeral was taking place in 1891.

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    The Ghost In The Burning Building

    As this old town hall burned down to the ground, an amateur photographer snapped this now famous picture of a ghost inside the building as it burned. According to legend, it was Jane Churm, a girl who accidentally set fire to a village in the 17th century and is claimed to haunt the area. While some experts say this is a fake, there are others who stand up for it as a genuine piece of paranormal evidence.

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    Freddy Jackson

    This picture, taken in 1919, is a shot of a squadron that served at the HMS Daedalus facility. The man behind the man, so to speak, has been identified by many in the squadron as Freddie Jackson; a aircraft mechanic and engineer who was killed two days earlier in a propeller accident. The photo itself was taken during his funeral, apparently he decided to be documented along with his brothers.

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    The Brown Lady

    This photograph depicts the famous Brown Lady. Supposedly, Lady Dorothy Townshend, was locked away by her husband on the charge of infidelity in the early 1700s. While her husband held a funeral for her, it is accepted that it was a charade and he locked her up in a corner of the house until her death years later. She is said to haunt the stairway of Raynham Hall; the historic home of her husband's family.

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    The Tulip Staircase

    The Tulip Staircase is elegant enough to be famous, which it is; however, it has since become famous for another reason. Located in the Queen's House in Greenwich, England, this photo shows what appears to be a cloaked or shrouded figure running up the stairs with both hands on the railing. Taken in 1966 and investigated by multiple experts, none have found any tampering done with the negative whatsoever. This is not the only ghost found by the Tulip Staircase.

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    The Back Seat Ghost

    One day, in 1959, Mrs. Mabel Chinnery and her husband went to visit her mother's gravestone. Bringing her camera along, she proceeds to take multiple snapshots of her mothers gravestone, as well as photos of the cemetery grounds. Turning around, she takes a candid picture of her husband alone in the car. After getting the film developed, she saw what she recognized as the figure of her mother. After having the picture looked at my experts, they concluded that there was nothing artificial or any exposure effect that could cause what is seen in the photo.

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    Railroad Crossing Ghost

    At a railroad crossing outside of San Antonio, Texas, a tragic accident occurred which resulted in the deaths of multiple school children. Ever since, there have been reports of paranormal activity at that crossing. For example, people have been pushed uphill in their cars onto the tracks. This image comes from a group of locals who decided to test the legend by taking photographs, this is the result.

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    The Tewin Farm Ghost

    In Hertfordshire, England, on Tewin Farm, a photographer was taking shots of a future wedding ceremony in 2008. After getting the pictures developed he sees this figure of what appears to be a little boy in white night clothes. Several of the farm's staff testified to seeing the same apparition multiple times over the course of their careers at the farm.

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    The White Lady of Worstead Church

    A couple touring around the north of England snapped a photo of the wife praying in Worstead Church. Several months, upon looking at the developed footage, a friend of hers asked, "who is that sitting behind you?" The next year, her and her husband returned to the church, showing the photograph to the church vicar who proceeded to tell them the story of The White Lady, a healer apparition who appears close to those in ill health, whom the wife was at the time of the photograph. Reports of the White Lady go back over a century, with one ending in the death of a man in the winter of 1830.

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    The Newby Church Spectre

    Taken in 1963, this photo was taken by the church's Reverend in Yorkshire, England. He was taking a picture of the altar, where nothing extraordinary was visible to the naked eye; however, upon being developed, this spectre appeared. After being scrutinized by photography experts, many have concluded that there has been no tampering with the original negative. According to analysts, this spectre would be nine feet tall!

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    Robert A. Ferguson

    This picture of Robert Ferguson, taken in 1968, shows him giving a speech at a Spiritualist Convention in Los Angeles. After being developed and shown the picture, Ferguson believed the image to be that of his brother Walter who was killed in World War II. It is unlikely that this picture was tampered given the fact that it was taken as a Polaroid.

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