Daughter Takes Photo Of Her Dad On His Very First Vacation Ever

The duo are from a small town in South East Poland

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    "My passion for travelling and desire to discover new places and cultures definitely comes from my dad...Although he hadn’t traveled anywhere outside Poland in his life my dad’s knowledge of different countries, cultures and religions was incredible!"

    Setting off on the journey.

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    "After years of being able to travel wherever I wanted to I decided it was time to treat my dad to a trip of a lifetime. He is a great man who has worked extremely hard throughout his life, sometimes holding down two jobs at the same time through rough times, to provide for our family."

    Enjoying the warm weather.

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    "I wanted to say a big “thank you” to him for being such a great dad."

    Looking out over the Ocean

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    "In early 2015 my fiancé and I booked flights to Singapore and, later that week, told my dad that he had a ticket too! The trip was planned for November that year and would also incorporate a trip to Bali, Lombok and the Gili Islands in Indonesia."

    Taking a load off

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    "It was an amazing feeling watching my dad seeing and doing things for the first time. Simple things that many of us take for granted like relaxing by the swimming pool, walking along a sandy beach and watching the sun setting into the sea were all brand new experiences for him."

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    "If you take one thing away from this story please let it be that, if you are in a position to do so, you should take the time and make the effort to treat your closest friends and family. It truly is one of the best feelings in the world!"

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    Check out all of her pictures here:http://www.boredpanda.com/a-trip-of-a-lifetime-i-documented-my-dads-first-holiday-ever/

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