Chocolate Lover Recipes From Dark To White

Here are 12 choice chocolate recipes to make your holidays tastier. Let the cooking begin!

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    Dark Chocolate-Caramel Cake with Gold-Dusted Chestnuts

    This dark chocolate cake is covered in a chocolate & caramel ganache and topped with chestnuts. The optional gold-dusting really adds a touch of elegance to this enticing treat. I love using the ganache in this recipe to drizzle over croissants for a sweet treat in the mornings as well!Recipe:

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    Dark Chocolate Cherry Fudge

    This dark chocolate fudge is a flavorsome addition to the "chocolate" portion of any diet. The cherry and chocolate taste as though they were meant to be together! The smooth rich chocolate will melt in your mouth and always leaving you wanting "just one more bite."Recipe:

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    DIY Dark Chocolate Almond Bars

    Move aside Mr. Goodbar, these almond bars have forever replaced you in my heart. Though almonds are used instead of peanuts: these homemade chocolate bars will likely spoil you against the store-bought stuff! So simple to make for something so delicious.Recipe:

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    Semi-Sweet Chocolate Brownies

    Moist delicious brownies are a fantastic dessert to match almost any meal. These are amazing even if you choose to leave the nuts out, although I personally love the flavor and crunch they add. Your mouth will be watering the moment their aroma crosses your sniffer, and you will be chomping at the bit to get your hands on one of these when they come out of the oven!Recipe:

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    Compost Bark

    Semi-sweet chocolate is the basis for this bark. With crumbled pretzels, crushed rippled chips and mini-marshmallows added in, this is almost like a "trail mix chocolate bar" of sorts. A fantastic treat for cold-weather camping, or just to share with friends and family on a cozy night!Recipe:

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    Chocolate Butter

    Whether it is at breakfast, lunch, or dinner: this heavenly spread will make your meal feel fancy! I especially like it on my bagels and english muffins. This creamy chocolate butter is an astounding combination of sweet and savory!Recipe:

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    Totally Groovy Chocolate Fondue

    Fondue is fantastic when it's made from cheese, so it is no surprise that it is just as good (or better) when using chocolate. Fruit, cookies, graham crackers, marshmallows... you will be scrounging through your kitchen for anything you think might taste good with chocolate!Recipe:

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    Milk Chocolate Tart with Pretzel Crust

    With crushed pretzels in the buttery crust, and more crumbled pretzels sprinkled over the top of a divine milk chocolate filling, this will disappear from your table in the blink of an eye!Recipe:

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    Chocolate Wontons

    I don't know about you, but when I think "chocolate" I think ... "wantons?" Yes! Now that I've tried this yummy recipe the two will always be linked in my mind. Occasionally I like to drizzle a spoon of caramel sauce over them before serving!Recipe:

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    White Chocolate Hot Cocoa w/ Coconut & Rum

    If I were to describe this beverage in three words, I would choose: smooth, rich and delectable. The coconut milk and rum really adds a tropical splash to this cold-weather favorite! Sipping this by a warm fire with a nice book will warm you right up.Recipe:

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    Cookies 'n' Creme Fudge

    Smooth fudge made from white chocolate that is packed full of broken OREO cookie bits, cream-filling and all. The "double stuf" cookies are perfect for the classic cookies and cream, but I also like using mint creme oreos in there place for a minty change!Recipe:

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    Mint-White Chocolate Mousse Cake

    Speaking of mint... here is a nice white chocolate mousse cake that is absolutely exquisite! The rich smooth texture and cool minty chocolate will leave your taste-buds tingling. Tastes great with a cold glass of milk or a warm cup of tea!Recipe:

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