Cats On The Job

Cats have gotten a bit of a bad rap for being lazy, but Cats on the Job proves that in fact, they’re some of the hardest working animals out there. The book, available Oct. 6, spotlights 50 cats who have had some surprising, but successful, careers. Below are 10 of our favorite feline friends.

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    Exercise Trainer Cat - Bad

    "Californian Stephanie Jackson was a longtime fitness buff, and one day when she was working out with dumbbells at home, her cat – a longhaired tortoiseshell named Bad – was determined to help out.""A young Stephen Colbert did a lengthy segment on Catflexing on The Daily Show in 1999 and even participated in some of the exercises.”

  2. 2

    Dog Trainer Cat - Cheeto

    “When he was working, Cheeto’s job was to silently lay inside a soft black mesh Sherpa bag that a volunteer hid in different places, such as a pile of heavy brush, under the deck of a house, or even secured up a tree. Then Cheeto waited for the dog to find him."

  3. 3

    Musician Cat - Nora

    "Since her debut, Nora has authored two books – one on how humans can improve their musical skills and one for children – and has conducted countless interviews with media around the world. A Lithuanian composer wrote a catcerto specifically for Nora, who graciously performed the world premiere via video."

  4. 4

    Pizza Hut Cat - Detch, Tencho, Hime, and Dora

    "The [Pizza Hut Japan] ads played on the Japanese expression 'Neko no te mo karitai' – loosely translated as 'You want to borrow a cat's paw' – which means you're so busy and overworked that you'd even accept help from a cat.""The names and backstory that the company developed for each cat are both funny and revealing: Detch was born in the back of a gas station. He used to be a gang leader but has reformed and now takes great pride in his job as pizza delivery driver."

  5. 5

    Artist Cat - Mini, Mouse, and Sabu

    "Louise Clayton and her daughter, Tegan Ellis, run an animal rescue service, and in 2012 they decided to put their rescued cats to work by creating paintings which could then be sold to raise money to help save even more abandoned and orphaned pets. The result: Rescue Cat Art – home of the Pawcasso cats."

  6. 6

    Minister Cat - Reverend Cassidy

    "In the early 1980s, a religious order known as the Universal Life Church announced that it would ordain anyone who wanted to serve both God and His people. However, in all their rigorous planning, church authorities never specified the number of legs their ordained ministers should possess."

  7. 7

    Navy Cat - Simon

    "When the Amethyst returned to England, Simon was given a hero’s welcome and lauded by the press. Fan mail began to pour in as well as several awards, including the PDSA Dickin Medal from the national charity – The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals – which is given to animals who show great courage and devotion while serving in the military."

  8. 8

    Bookstore Cat - Boswell

    “Boswell’s job description requires her to excel at a variety of skills: In addition to greeting customers and looking adorable while she sleeps in the window or recycle bin, she serves as the primary focus of the store’s marketing program."

  9. 9

    Weather Observer Cat - Marty

    "In summertime, Marty spends most of his shift outdoors, visiting with tourists and getting plenty of exercise out on the rocks. During winter, however, like his human co-workers, he rarely goes outside, and takes great pride in assisting the night staff with weather observations throughout the graveyard shift."

  10. 10

    Tour Guide Cat - Nyalan

    "Two cats in Japan enjoy the open road so much that Jalan, a travel company, hired them to serve as tour guides and ambassadors, encouraging people to travel not only throughout Japan but around the world."

  11. 11

    Security Guard Cat - Millie

    "Instead of searching for candidates who were more traditional guards, company officials took a counter intuitive route and made a list of qualities that their ideal candidate would possess: superb climbing skills, excellent hearing ability, and a very loud purr, in order to confuse and ultimately fend off any potential bad guys."

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