Can The Cubs Pull This Off? Here Are The Biggest Comebacks In World Series History

The Cubs need to win one more game in Cleveland to pull off this upset. History tells us they might just pull it off

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    1985 Kansas City Royals

    This Royals team was down 3-1 to their cross state rival St. Louis Cardinals. This was a story of two teams with entirely different backgrounds. The Cardinals were looking for their tenth title and the Royals were looking to become the first expansion team to win a World Series. Kansas City was able to steal Game 5 on the road and won game 6 behind a walk off hit in the ninth. They dominated in game 7 to bring the franchise their first title. An interesting side note is that this was the last time a team came back from 3-1 in a championship series of a major sport up until this year's NBA Finals where the Cavs came back from 3-1 to beat the Warriors.

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    1968 Detroit Tigers

    This Tigers team came back from 3-1 behind the arm of their MVP, pitcher Mickey Lolich. Lolich remains the only pitcher to win three complete games in World Series history. This includes pitching a complete game seven on just two days rest. It was fitting that a year dubbed "The Year Of The Pitcher" ended with a duel between Lolich and Bob Gibson. Two of the best to ever throw the ball.

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    1979 Pittsburgh Pirates

    This Pirates team was family in every sense of the word. The team adopted "We Are Family" as it's anthem on the way to coming back from a 3-1 deficit. They were also the last team to win game seven of the World Series on the road up until the San Fransisco Giants in 2014. Hall of Famer Willie Stargell hit .400 in the series and was named the MVP in the Pirates last World Series win.

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    2011 St. Louis Cardinals

    This series is best remembered for a wild game six. The Cardinals were down 3-2 in the Series and the Cardinals erased a two run deficit in both the ninth and tenth innings. Incredibly, in both innings the Rangers were one strike away from their first World Series win. During game three Albert Pujols hit an astonishing three home runs, a feat only accomplished by two other players in World Series history.

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    1958 New York Yankees

    Although the title was the Yankees seventh in ten years, they did it with an amazing comeback in this series. The Yankees finished the series up with two victories on the road. This team had a plethora of baseball's best with legends such as Whitey Ford, Don Larsen, Yogi Berra, and Mickey Mantle. This Yankees team wasn't done there as the same group went on to win two more titles.

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    1925 Pittsburgh Pirates

    These Pirates were another team that was down 3-1 in the series. In the previous year pitcher Walter Johnson was the star leading the Washington Senators to a title, his luck was different against the Pirates. He dominated in games 1 and 4, but lost game 7 to bring Pittsburgh it's first title. Another Senators player and MVP, Roger Peckinpaugh, committed a record 8 errors in the series.

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    1903 Boston Americans

    This was the first modern series in baseball history and had quite the comeback. The original series was nine games long and the future Red Sox were down 3-1. They reeled off five straight wins to take home the title.

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